A properly executed lead management process, coupled with a leading technology, is a recipe for improved sales force efficiency and increased sales contact and conversion rates.

LeadROI has a proven track record of improving its clients' ability to convert prospects into customers. Our five-step lead management process detailed below is behind much of that success.

Strategize & Plan
  • Receive consultation on how we can best improve lead management and sales processes for your organization
Qualify & Filter
  • Respond instantly to increase contact and conversion rates
  • Set filters to deliver leads instantly to the right person
  • Pre-qualify leads to ensure you are contacting true prospects
Distribute & Track
  • Automatically deliver leads to the right sales associate for immediate attention
  • Control each sales associate's rank, daily lead limits, time-of-day delivery, lead criteria and lead source
  • View lead status summaries and conversion performance dashboards
Nurture & Convert
  • Provide better service to the end customer
  • Establish lead ownership and accountability throughout sales cycle
  • Set up automated emails to keep leads in the market, or up-sell existing customers
Analyze & Optimize
  • Understand key performance metrics
  • Analyze conversions throughout workflow
  • Optimize campaign based on learnings


The LeadROI team of industry experts, solutions architects, and software developers provides implementation, customization, training, and consulting services to ensure LeadROI is customized to meet your needs.


LeadROI's rich feature set will empower your sales force, boost company sales performance, and improve your lead program ROI.

Lead Acquisition

LeadROI integrates with all of your internal and external lead sources. You can leverage our partnerships with all of the major lead providers, including MediaWhiz (our parent company) to run more effective lead generation programs.


LeadROI has partnerships with over 60 of the industry's leading service providers including the major lead, credit reporting, email marketing, and pricing providers.


LeadROI is here to answer all of your questions. Click Here to see if we have already addressed your inquiry. If not, do not hesitate to call us at 800-660-8358.