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  • Empower Your Sales Force

    LeadROI's comprehensive lead management platform boosts sales performance, thereby improving lead program ROI.

    The LeadROI Auto-Dialer
    • Increase contact rates by 40% with the industry's most powerful web-based auto-dialer
      • Our innovative on-demand call center software manages answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers, and fax lines to improve sales efficiency
      • Personalized pre-recorded voicemails are delivered upon detection of voicemail
      • The LeadROI Auto-Dialer is also equipped with powerful phone monitoring capabilities
    Real Time Lead Distribution
    • Ensure that leads are automatically delivered to the right sales associate for immediate attention
    • Control each sales associate's rank, daily lead limits, time-of-day delivery, lead criteria, and lead source
    Interactive Dashboards
    • View tasks, lead status summaries, market-data based on your security / user level, and conversion / performance metrics
    Request-based Lead Distribution
    • Set "pull" quota enabling each user to request leads sequentially based on set parameters
    Workflow Management
    • Customize LeadROI workflow according to your business needs
    • Standardize how your sales team processes leads
    Notifications and Reminders
    • Notify sales associates of the status of their leads
    • Encourage sales associates to move leads through the sales funnel
    Campaign Management
    • Set up drip email campaigns to up-sell, cross-sell, and/or remain top-of-mind with your leads
    Reporting and Analytics
    • Generate customizable reports by sales associate, lead source, lead stage, etc.
    Pipeline Management
    • Enable sales associate to sort leads according to pipeline status
    Lead Import
    • Import leads from all marketing sources including inbound calls, direct marketing, and third party lead providers
    Credit Report Integration
    • Generate credit reports from the leading credit reporting agencies
    Loan Origination System Export
    • Export short or long applications into Calyx, Encompass, PCLender, or your preferred LOS
    External Data Sources
    • Access property values from Zillow.com®, phone numbers from Switchboard.com®, and location from Google Maps®
    Hierarchical Security
    • Provide managers with visibility into their team's performance, and limit sales associate visibility into the system
    • Implement restrictions that meet OTS compliance requirements. Includes SAS70 Type II security compliance, with nightly back-up of customer data
    Private Label / Co-branding
    • Customize LeadROI and its external communications to reflect your brand identity


    The LeadROI team of industry experts, solutions architects, and software developers provides implementation, customization, training, and consulting services to ensure LeadROI is customized to meet your needs.


    LeadROI's rich feature set will empower your sales force, boost company sales performance, and improve your lead program ROI.

    Lead Acquisition

    LeadROI integrates with all of your internal and external lead sources. You can leverage our partnerships with all of the major lead providers, including MediaWhiz (our parent company) to run more effective lead generation programs.


    LeadROI has partnerships with over 60 of the industry's leading service providers including the major lead, credit reporting, email marketing, and pricing providers.


    LeadROI is here to answer all of your questions. Click Here to see if we have already addressed your inquiry. If not, do not hesitate to call us at 800-660-8358.