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    What is Lead Life-cycle Management / CRM / Sales-force Automation?

    • Lead Life-Cycle Management is the end to end management of sales opportunity data from the moment the lead is generated through the entire sales process. CRM, in its broadest sense, means managing all interactions and business with customers. This includes, but is not limited to, improving customer service.
    • A good CRM program enables a business to more effectively acquire, service, and increase the value of customers. Sales force management systems are information systems used to automate sales and sales force management functions.
    • LeadROI provides oversight of your sales pipelines and delivers instant insight into key performance metrics. As a result, sales teams can generate revenue, increase demand, eliminate costly workflow bottlenecks, and effectively collaborate to transform leads into customers. Flexible customization allows companies to easily configure the application to match their own sales processes. Because every lead is recorded, automatically routed to the right division and sales person, and tracked through the pipeline in real time, no opportunities are missed.

    How does LeadROI automate the import of leads?

    • LeadROI is partnered with over 20 different Mortgage lead providers including LowerMyBills.com, Low.com, LendingTree, FastFind, NexTag, Adteractive, GoApply, LeadPoint, LoanWeb, SpendonLife, and many more
    • You can import leads using the LeadROI Admin Import feature that allows you to upload a CSV file, map the fields, save the template and import the files directly into the pipeline of your choice
    • Users may manually enter data into the system using the 'New Leads' selection in the lead drop down

    How do I get a LeadROI account?

    Click here to sign up. A LeadROI sales representative will contact you as soon as possible

    Does LeadROI offer training?

    Yes. As a part of your set up, LeadROI includes a comprehensive training for each user type. Training may be offered in one of the following ways:
    • Web-based training
    • Real-time remote training
    • On-site training
    • Training manuals

    Does LeadROI provide support after training?

    Yes. LeadROI provides phone, online, and email support.
    • Phone support is limited to your licensing plan, and is generally utilized by the system administrator
    • Online support is built into the LeadROI system. Click on the 'Live Support' link during normal business hours and have a real-time chat with one of our support agents
    • Email support is available 24/7; We generally respond to emails during normal business hours

    How quickly can my company be up and running?

    Most of our clients are up and running within a few days. Our goal is to make sure that companies who purchase our solution have a path to adopting the software, which can prolong the deployment process.

    How is access to my data managed by LeadROI?

    LeadROI has access rights that are based on general hierarchical controls and permissions that can be given to users based on their role in the company. Access to the administration section of the application is controlled by the System Administrator.

    What should I know about LeadROI's security?

    LeadROI, through its affiliation with Savvis has successfully achieved a SAS-70 Type II certification with an unqualified opinion in each of its data center locations. Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, Service Organizations, is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


    The LeadROI team of industry experts, solutions architects, and software developers provides implementation, customization, training, and consulting services to ensure LeadROI is customized to meet your needs.


    LeadROI's rich feature set will empower your sales force, boost company sales performance, and improve your lead program ROI.

    Lead Acquisition

    LeadROI integrates with all of your internal and external lead sources. You can leverage our partnerships with all of the major lead providers, including MediaWhiz (our parent company) to run more effective lead generation programs.


    LeadROI has partnerships with over 60 of the industry's leading service providers including the major lead, credit reporting, email marketing, and pricing providers.


    LeadROI is here to answer all of your questions. Click Here to see if we have already addressed your inquiry. If not, do not hesitate to call us at 800-660-8358.